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Valve Components

Forcas’ extensive experience in servicing the valve industry makes it the one-stop contact for all your valve component needs. We supply custom components to full blueprint specification. All shipments are accompanied by material test reports and dimensional inspection reports.  Whether it is CF8M investment cast edge polished one piece Disc Stem or SS 400 series gate valve stem with acme thread, Forcas is the quality choice. Let Forcas improve your bottom line by being your sourcing choice.

Discs / Disc – Stems

Butterfly Valve Discs/Inserts

One Piece – Disc Stems

Materials : S.S., Steel, Ductile

Polishes : Edge / Fully Polished

Stems / Shafts

Gate and Globe Valve Stems

Butterfly Valve Shafts

Ball Valve Stems

Specialty Shafts

Materials : Steel, S. S., Brass / Bronze

Bushings / Spacers

Gland Bushings


Co Axial Coupling Inserts



Nitrided Body Bearings

Material : S.S. Bar Stock

Hand wheels/Handles

Gate and Globe Valve Handles

Butterfly Valve Handle


Ball Valve Handles

Materials : Ductile, Grey Iron

Finishes : Painted, Epoxy Dry & other


Gland Flange with ENP

Seal Ring Flanges with ENP

Gland/Seal Flanges in SS 316

Forged Gland Flanges

Machined Bottom Flanges – A516 GR.70

Nuts / Tie Down Screws / Bands

Stem Nuts in Bronze

Hex Lock Nuts of Hand Wheel

Zn Plated Tie Down Screws in LAS

SS 304 Fabricated Bands

Sand Castings

Forcas retains capable foundries to handle all of your sand casting requirements. We supply castings to high specification industries such as Valve and Pump manufacturers. We offer a broad material range including Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass/Bronze. Acknowledging the need for further added value, Forcas leads the way in offering finished machining and other secondary operations for your castings. Forcas ensures accurate and prompt development of technically demanding tooling programs. All our casting consignments are accompanied by material test reports and dimensional inspection reports.

Material Range

Carbon Steel, Stainless

Steel, Grey Iron, Ductile

Iron, Brass/Bronze

Parts Produced

Bodies, Bonnets, Housings,

Gland Boxes, Bushings, Stem Nuts

or Any  Custom Requirements

Casting Processes

Green Sand, CO2, No Bake,

Shell and Permanent Mould


Forcas retains capable forge shops to handle all your forging requirements on Closed/Open Die, Ring-Rolled and Upset Forgings. Whether you are looking for a plug and body forging of an all welded ball valve or a forged shaft, Forcas has them all. We offer forgings in a broad material range, finish machined to customer requirements. All our forging consignments are accompanied by material test reports and dimensional inspection reports. Forcas is capable of prompt and accurate development of technically demanding tooling for forgings.

Parts Produced

Plugs, Bodies, Yokes,

Gland Flanges, Flanges,

Adapters Or any Custom  Requirements

Forging Processes

Closed Die

Open Die

Ring Rolling


Pressed/Formed Parts

Whether you are looking for a ten-position knock-on type notch plate for a Butterfly Valve or a wrench of a Ball Valve, Forcas can deliver the job. Forcas specializes in pressed parts of carbon steel and stainless steel with secondary operations such as zinc plating and polishing. You give us your blueprints and we deliver the ready to assemble pressed part. Formed parts such as Gearbox Mounting Bracket is a recently added capability.
Effective SQC techniques coupled with extensive visual final inspection guarantee 100% compliance with blueprint specifications.

Parts Produced

Knock-on type notch plates

Notch Plates with Hardware kit


Stop Plates

Retainer Plates

Gearbox Mounting Bracket

Any other custom requirements

Finishes available

Zn plating with blue passivation

Zn plating to yellow passivation



Powder Coating

Aluminum Castings

Availability and price of Aluminum and its alloys in India makes Forcas your economical source for Aluminum gravity and pressure die castings or extrusions. Forcas leads the way in offering finished machining and other secondary operations for your Aluminum die castings. Forcas ensures accurate and prompt development of technically demanding die tooling programs. Let Forcas improve your bottom line by being your sourcing partner.

Parts Produced

Case and Cover Assemblies

Suspension/Anchoring Clamp Bodies

PRS Assemblies

Extruded Inserts for Rubber Moulding

Any other custom requirements

Finishes available


Polished and Buffed

Enamel Painted

Epoxy Powder Coated

Investment Castings

The investment, or lost wax casting method remains the preferred process for producing castings with significant cast – in details or features. Forcas has recognized the labor intensive nature of the process and developed cost effective, high quality foundries to meet your investment casting needs. The one piece investment cast disc-stem design with edge spherically machined and hand polished to produce a bubble tight shut off, minimum torque and longer seat life at a production capacity of 60 thousand pieces per year remains the bread winner for Forcas till date. If you are looking for transforming your blueprints into CNC machined investment castings then let Forcas be your resource.

Parts Produced

BFV Disc – Stems, Discs & Bodies

Ball-Valve Bodies & Tailpieces

Cams, Door Hardware

Metal Inserts

Bathtub Fittings

Or any custom requirements

Material Range

Stainless Steel, WCB, WCC, LCB, LAS

Non-Ferrous (Brass, Bronze)

High Alloy Steel Such as Hastelloy

Gear Operators

In order to achieve manual operation of ball valve, high performance butterfly valves and plug valves, quarter turn worm gear operators utilizing iron or steel components are being supplied by Forcas. The gear operators are standardly available in weather-proof cast iron for range of 200 Nm to 350000 Nm. Ductile iron/marine application models are also available. Quarter turn worm gear operators for electrical actuation can also be supplied. The Gear operators are capable of withstanding an overload of twice the maximum rated output torque. Randomly one gear operator per lot is tested for performance on an in-house electronics test rig. Special features such as stainless steel fasteners and name plates, aluminum bronze overlay on ductile worm hub, 4 key way for choice of mounting or any other custom requirements can easily be incorporated in standard models or custom built models. Limit Switch box mounting, locking arrangement, chain wheel arrangement, extension shaft with floor stand are some accessories that we can provide.
The gear operators are supplied with hand wheels in either cast iron or fabricated steel from 150 mm through 1200 mm diameters. You furnish your effort requirement and Forcas will provide you a gear operator.
Forcas also supplies quarter turn manual override to be used with pneumatic actuators for manual operation of the valve. Recently we have added 15 models of multi turn bevel Gear Operators for manual operation and electrical actuation.

Finishes Available

Primer Coated

Marine Paint

Enamel Painted

Dry Epoxy-Powder Coated

Special Features

Self – Locking

Grease Filled for life

5 % Over Travel in Closing and Opening

High Efficiency, Rugged Design

Proper Mechanical Advantage

Tested on Electronic Test Rig

100 % Interchangeability of Parts

Valve & Flange Fasteners

Forcas specialises in Valve and Flange Fasteners such as Fully Threaded Stud/Stud Bolt, Double Ended Stud, Hex Bolt and Heavy Hex Bolt, Socket Cap Screw, Hex Nut and Heavy Hex Nut, Lock/Jam Nut, Plain Washer, Special Knurled Washer and Disc Washer. The finishes available are ENP, Zinc Plating, Zylan Coating, HDG, Zinc Flake and Zinc Phosphatizing. Electro Polishing option for stainless steel fasteners is also available. Thread rolling of studs is done after heat treatment process to avoid dent/damage. This also helps improve mechanical properties, prevent decarburization and gives better gauge fitment as heat treatment surface distortion is removed by centre-less grinding process, which is carried out just before thread rolling. Our studs are both side chamfered and are available in rolled thread diameter starting M6 (1/4”) to M110 (4 1/2”) for any length.

Valve & Flange Fasteners

Fully Threaded Stud / Stud Bolt

Double Ended Stud

Hex Bolt & Heavy Hex Bolt

Socket Cap Screw

Hex Nut & Heavy Hex Nut

Lock/Jam Nut

Plain Washer

Special Knurled Washers

Disc Washer

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